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Back to Work!

I'm finally getting back behind the chair! I am so excited to see all your smiling faces but there's some information we need to cover before we get there.

If you have an upcoming appointment with me or plan to book soon, there are some rules we must follow to make sure everyone stays safe.

1. The doors at Sola will remain LOCKED. When you arrive to your appointment, please stay in your car and text me when you arrive. I will let you know when I'm ready and will meet you at the back door.

2. Masks MUST be worn at all times. Please provide your own over the ear masks to be worn during your appointment. If you show up without an OVER THE EAR mask, you will not be permitted to enter the building and will risk losing your spot and being charged for your appointment.

3. Please come alone. As much as we all love to bring friends and family, it is crucial that we keep social distancing in place. My salon is too small to have more than 2 of us in there at one time. Also, there will be no sitting on the benches in the hallway. If you bring someone with you, they will have to stay in the car.

4. Our break room will be closed to us for the most part so for the time being, I will not be offering refreshments (water, wine, beer, tea, coffee) so please bring your own reusable water bottles and cups!

5. I know most of us are probably running low on products thanks to Covid. If there is a product that you would like to purchase, please tell me and I will grab it for you. At this time, please refrain from touching the products on the shelves if you do not plan on taking it home.

6. Lastly, I've MISSED YOU SO MUCH and want to squeeze you all but lets keep the physical contact to a minimum-- No hugs!!

I know there are so many rules but I am so thankful that I get to get back to work, so lets follow the rules and try to make this transition as easy as possible.

If you have not made an appointment and would like to, I have switched to online booking for the time being. Please go to to schedule!

I will see you all very soon!!

xx Kayla Newman

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