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New Year, New Haircuts!

Happy New Year! ✨✨

I am so excited to get 2022 started in the salon. I hope you all had an incredible holiday season and am so thankful for the kind gifts, cards, sweets and treats I received from you all! I have officially eaten my weight in sugar so thank you!

I'm sending this email out to check in with everyone as well as update you on some changes.

For starters, it is long overdue that I change the haircut structure a bit. All haircuts will be the same price regardless of gender. I have considered this for a while but struggled with the best way to implement. BUT I think I finally found the best way for it to make sense to us all. Instead of Men's Haircut or Women's Haircut, I will now have 3 categories:

30 Minute Haircut- $40 (Think clipper cut, short/finger length, no blow-dry style)

60 Minute Haircut- $65 (Think pixie, bobs, long layers, trims. Blow-dry included and required for final dry cut detailing)

90 Minute Big Change Haircut- $80 (Think of completely changing your style. Going from long to short or bob with a lot of texturizing, etc.)

With this change will come a slight increase in pricing. (I have not raised my haircut pricing in 8 years so I think its time). I was challenged with how to structure the Big Change haircut pricing. I LOVE creating new looks for my guests but with the extra work comes extra time and that needs to reflect in the pricing.

Think of the 30/60 minute haircuts as maintenance appointments when selecting for online booking. I will add new color/cut combo slots so make sure you select the right ones when booking so we have enough time.

Of course, if you're unsure of what to book, please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions!

Another slight increase will be on color appointments. Product prices are continuing to skyrocket on everything from color to gloves and foils and it doesn't look like its going to stop anytime soon. For example, gloves and foils are over DOUBLE what they were last year. All my blondies know how many foils I go through too so this is also a necessary change.

All my pricing will be updated in the system to be implemented February 1. If your usual service may no longer fit your budget, please reach out to me to see if we can make a different service work for you.

I have also added some extra services!! For those that think the shampoo experience could go on forever, I have created a service add on-- 🌿EXTRA 15 MINUTE SCALP MASSAGE!🌿 If you're feeling like you want a little extra pampering with essential oils and an extended break from the real world, feel free to select add this on when you're booking!

Some other extras included: Color Refresh, Bling Bling Blonde!, Tea Tree Tension Tamer, and more to come. Please check those out in the booking system and see if there's something that interests you!

Lastly, starting this month I will be changing my schedule to Wednesday-Saturday. My new hours are posted and are in effect now. (W-F 11-7, S 9-4) Please schedule your appointments in advance to make sure you can get the time slot that works best for you.

I am truly thankful for all of you and am so appreciative of your understanding of these changes!

I can't wait to see you all in the salon!

Your favorite hairstylist,

Kayla Newman

P.S. I am now only taking new clients that are referred by my wonderful existing guests. If you have a friend that you think would love to come hang out with me, please send them my way!

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